Sikament® R-4 P1

High Range Water-Reducing and Set Retarding Concrete Admixture developed for RMC

A liquid super plasticizing admixture based on selected synthetic polymers especially designed to improve performances of ready-mix concrete in hot weather, for long delivery / placement situations, and for long line of pumping concrete or when delays are      anticipated. It has as active water reducing agent that helps promote early high strengths after final set of concrete, and give superb ultimate strengths. Complies with ASTM C494-92 Type G

Sikament® R-4 P1 provides the following properties: As a superplasticizer:
  • Highly effective without increased w/c ratio or risk of segregation
  • Lasting control of slump loss
  • No adverse effect on ultimate strengths

As a Water Reducer:
  • Early and ultimate strengths significantly increased. Up to 20% water reduction
  • Especially suitable for hot climates
  • No excessive air entrainment and adverse shrinkage effect
  • Increased water tightness and improved surface     finish