Success for Sika and Success for You 

At Sika, we value the courage for innovation, strength to persist, and pleasure in working together. We expect a lot, but we have much to offer too. We aim to reward performance and dedication through competitive, performance-based compensation and country-specific benefits. The way we work together is determined by a strong set of values.

Value as the Foundation 

Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability and Integrity, Empowerment and Respect, and Manage for Results - these are the defining elements of Sika.

These values and principles provide a point of reference for the entire global workforce and are firmly enshrined in all Sika companies. Thus our culture of trust, transparency, and openness has a firm global foundation.

Tec Crete is delivering all the concrete for the One Vanderbilt office skyscraper

Scope for Development 

While we expect our employees to achieve agreed goals, we also consider flexibility in terms of job design, international career possibilities, and teamwork to be essential elements of working at Sika.

Technical Meeting

Strength and Reliability 

Our founders built Sika on a foundation of pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. And today the courage to pursue innovations is combined with the strength to persevere. Sika is dedicated to securing sustainable growth to maintain and create jobs in the long term.

Extending service life of a bridge with Sika solutions

Individual Responsibility 

The most striking characteristic of Sika employees is the ability to perform combined with a high degree of social competence: to innovate, to respect different opinions, and to align with strategic goals. Is it your ambition to perform, excel, and be proud of your results? Then Sika is the place to be.

Pragmatic Working Atmosphere 

Sika promotes an operating climate in which employees can develop according to their professional qualifications and personal capabilities – we strive for an atmosphere in which innovation, performance, and mutual respect can develop. An environment that encourages staff to perform, to do what works, and to get things done.

Tec Crete is delivering all the concrete for the One Vanderbilt office skyscraper

New Ways of Communicating 

New ways of communicating help management and employees to succeed in the global market, and support Sika's growth. We embrace social media and collaborative digital workspaces such as our social intranet - SikaWorld. At Sika, digital media contributes to the creation and dissemination of actual knowledge, and is used throughout our recruiting process, employee training, and daily communication.

Sika Logo

The Sika Brand 

The Sika brand is recognized across the globe as synonymous with innovation, quality, and service. The combination of the Sika logo with the strapline 'Building Trust' has proved to be a valuable asset throughout our global expansion. Customers throughout the world can rest assured that they will receive Sika quality and service wherever they see the Sika Brand.