Industrial coating systems and top coats are the most important and often only practical solution for the protection of steel against corrosion, acid and fire. Lack of protection frequently leads to problems with the visual appearance of the structure and even more importantly, structural degradation and possible failure. Appropriate protective coatings and sensible, regular maintenance ensure long-term protection of steel structures and can avoid cost-intensive total repair or even decommissioning.

steel structure protection
Corrosion Protection

Sika corrosion protection coating systems for steel structures have been developed for a wide range of application fields:

  • Traffic construction and infrastructure, e.g. bridges, airports and railway stations
  • Interior and exterior steel structures, exposed to various environmental conditions
  • Hydraulic steel structures
  • Internal linings for tanks, vessels and pipework
  • Wind energy turbines, onshore and offshore
  • Power supply, e.g. power stations, pipelines or transmission towers
  • Chemical industry

Each of these application fields has specific requirements in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance, temperature shock resistance, UV-resistance, design and surface preparation.