Sika® Plastiment-25 TM PH

Water-Reducing and Set-Retarding Concrete Admixture

A concrete plasticizer specially designed for Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) structures.

In Fresh State
  •  Initial setting is delayed allowing time for proper placement and compacting new layer over the retarded RCC, without cold joint
  •  Decrease the mortar of concrete bonding volume
  •  Increase the time available to re-compacting the concrete without damaging the material. After theinitial set heavytransits candamage the newlyhydratedRCC
  •  Increase of the cement efficiency
  •  Diminish the rate of initial heat generation
In Hardened State
  •  Increase the mechanical strengths in any weather conditions
  •  Diminish the heat generation and the cracking risk
  •  Increase the density of the RCC