Sika® Rugasol F


Rugasol surface retarders have been specifically designed for the production of exposed aggregate finishes or for producing a mechanical key to construction joints, stop ends, or subsequent rendering applications.

Rugasol products will only delay the ultimate hardening and do not stop the setting of cement. When used correctly Rugasol will not stain concrete, even white concrete. Rugasol will not affect the bond of reinforcement to concrete even if accidental splashing occurs, provided it is thoroughly cleaned with clean water.

  • Sika® Rugasol F surface retarder is used to expose aggregate on Portland cement based concrete surfaces.
  • Sika® Rugasol F provides an efficient, economical method of obtaining a rough bonding surface without the need for hacking, chipping or grit-blasting.
  • Sika® Rugasol F is also used to produce precast panels having a decorative architectural finish showing the colour and texture of natural aggregate. The aggregate remains whole and unbroken
  • Sika® Rugasol F is painted directly on formwork for walls, ceilings, vertical construction joints or any similar formed concrete surface. Sika® Rugasol F dries on the formwork to a tough, but water-solube film. Protect from rain. Forms may be coated before or after erection. Reinforcing still is placed as usual.
  • Sika® Rugasol F will retard the set of the cement paste by up to 6 mm (1/4 inch) depth, the depth depends upon the thickness of coating, the time elapsed before the retarder is removed, the cement content of the concrete and the quantity of water in the mix. The ambient temperature will also affect the depth of retardation.