Sika® Dust Seal PH

Dust suppressant and soil stabiliser

Sika® Dust Seal PH is produced from lignosulphonates with outstanding properties for dust binding. It can be used to eliminate dust problems in connection with unpaved roads, finely divided coal and mineral ores. Sika® Dust Seal PH also has very good soil stabilisation properties on unimproved roads producing a hard and durable surface. It is also recommended for road edge sloping and gives good protection against soil and sand erosion in rural and desert areas.

  •  Forms a hard, firmly bound surface that adds traction, safety and comfort for vehicles.
  •  Eliminates the sliding hazards of loose aggregate by binding with road soil into hard skid resistant surface.
  •  Increases the load-bearing strength of all types of road soils, whether wet or dry.
  •  Binds dust particles to the road. Stops dust clouds thus improving driving comfort and safety.
  •  Holds the road material on the road and allows building of the road stages. Aggregate is bound into the road surface and cannot be thrown by traffic reducing the hazard of broken windscreens.
  •  Decreases the rate of water penetration into the road, increases run-off and reduces mud condition.
  •  Reduces heaves and breakup due to seasonal change in weather conditions.
  •  Roads sealed with Sika® Dust Seal PH may be used immediately after treatment. This allows the treatment of vital transportation arteries and detours without tying up traffic.
  •  Can be applied easily and cheaply with equipment commonly available and used for regular road maintenance.