Sika has the expertise and experience to innovatively support design ideas and the fulfillment of different requirements in stadium construction. Sika is a one-stop shop for all kinds of integrated construction solutions and services from the basement to the roof, which ensures compatibility and avoids unnecessary problems.

Montreal Olympic Stadium, Canada
A Full Range of Solutions for Stadiums

Sika specialties used for stadium construction and maintenance include:

  • Roof waterproofing solutions with systems suitable for both new construction and refurbishment projects.
  • Flooring and sealing solutions for floors in car parks, spectator areas, terraces, training center, indoor sport halls, outer fields, logistics, food-processing, catering and related areas, public and commercial areas, etc.
  • Strengthening of stadium structures.
  • Steel corrosion and fire protection for steel structures.
  • Concrete admixture solutions for durable concrete structures.
  • Concrete renovation and protection.
  • Basement waterproofing.
  • Watertight joint sealing and bonding solutions for concrete facades and glass and metal facades.


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