Sika Solutions for Tunneling and Mining

  • Mining Solutions

    Mining Solutions

    Sika offers a full product range for the global mining industry including products for rapid mine devlopment and mine infrastructure maintenance. We are strongly involved in the world’s largest mining projects for decades and a proven and reliable partner when it comes to complex construction solutions.

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  • Speed up cycle times

    Speed up cycle times

    Fast mine cyle times are key for an efficient production schedule and rapid mine develpment. We offer taylored solutions for fast and efficient shoctrete applications and underground fortfication structures. Dealing with increased dynamic stresses in deep underground mines require yielding shotcrete liners to provide a safe operating environment.

    Shotcrete for Mining
  • Dedicated support wherever you are

    Dedicated support wherever you are

    Skilled and dedicated local project teams will support your operation wherever it may be. With over 90 Sika countries, we are able to service your jobsite fast, reliable and efficiently. Decades of underground construction experience enables us to understand your problems and needs.

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  • Excellence in maintenance

    Excellence in maintenance

    Our world class product range for infrastructure refurbishment and maintenance backs large scale infrastructure and mining projects across the continents. From concrete repair mortars to conveyor belt maintenance products, from protective coatings to injection resins, we offer almost everything to keep you going.

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  • Keep it dry

    Keep it dry

    Our waterproofing membrane and injection technology sets the standard for tunnel projects all around the globe. We offer a fully integrated waterproofing systems that serves your needs based on the optimal cost performance for your project. More than 100 years of waterproofing expertise makes us the partner of choice for the most challenging underground structures.

    Flexible Waterproofing
  • Building trust at the end of roads

    Building trust at the end of roads

    Remote projects, be it in the arctics or the tropics, we can offer you solutions that fits your project location best. Sika provides unique product alternatives that are designed for long shelf life and robust properties for long supply routes. Cold and hot weather can present a major issues when it comes to large scale projects and tight construction schedules. We will help you to cope with these challenges.

  • Creating underground spaces

    Creating underground spaces

    Underground construction is always challenging, from planning to execution, from safety to environmental considerations. Since more than a century Sika is the most reliable partner in underground construction from mining to civil engineering. Sika provides reliable solutions and ongoing innovations through a worldwide network of subsidaries, affiliates companies and partners.