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    Sika develops and markets numerous admixtures and additives for use in concrete, cement and mortar production. These products enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened material, such as workability, durability, or early and final strength.

    The demand for admixtures and additives is currently on the rise, particularly due to the increased performance requirements placed on concrete, cement and mortar and the growing use of alternative cementitious materials in cement, mortar and concrete production.



    Sika covers the full range of technologies used for below ground waterproofing: flexible membrane systems, liquid applied membranes, waterproofing concrete admixtures, joint sealing and waterproofing for mortars. Key market segments include basements, underground parkings, tunnels and all types of water-retaining structures (e.g. reservoirs, storage basins, storage tanks). Watertight systems are faced with more stringent requirements regarding durability, easy application and total cost management. Therefore product quality is becoming increasingly important.



    Sika, as world No. 1 for flooring technologies, offers a full range of high-performance flooring solutions for almost all applications and requirements.



    This segment features concrete protection and repair solutions, e.g. repair mortars, protective coatings, grouts and structural strengthening systems. Market trends are dictated by the rising quality requirements placed on products and services, with global customers expecting uniform standards worldwide. The present uptrend in demand is attributable to a rising volume of infrastructure rehabilitation projects in the transport, water management and energy sectors.



    Sika’s wide-ranging portfolio includes top-class elastic sealing and bonding solutions to meet all job site needs. The growing demand in this market is fueled by the sharper focus on energy efficient building envelopes, the ever greater variety of materials used in construction, the increasing volume of high-rise projects and the growing significance of health, safety and environmental issues.



    With a proven record of more than 50 years in roof water- proofing, Sika roofing solutions are known to be long lasting, reliable and sustainable. No manufacturer understands new construction and refurbishment needs of a roof better than Sika.



    The Industry markets served by Sika include automobile construction, the commercial vehicle industry (structural bonding, direct glazing, acoustic systems, reinforcing systems), marine (leisure boats and yachts, cruise ship, commercial vessel)automotive aftermarket (car replacement, car body repair), renewable energies (solar and wind) , and façade engineering (structural glazing, sealing of insulating glass units).