From Global to Local

Sika Philippines, Inc. is a proud member of the worldwide Sika Group, which is wholly owned by Sika AG Switzerland. We have been serving the Philippine market since March 1994.

We are a major supplier of construction chemicals to various market sectors and outlets; e.g. ready-mixed concrete industry, pre-cast concrete factories, high-rise builders, manufacturing industry–especially in industrial flooring, transportation and infrastructure.

We also specialize in technology related industrial adhesives.

Quality Comes First

Commitment to excellence has always been a hallmark of our company. We aim to stay as a market leader through quality products supported by high level of professional service through our Quality Management System (QMS) .

To establish a uniform and effective Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 9001:2004 was implemented and certified at all Sika manufacturing and design locations. production facilities, engineering, laboratory, sales, and administration serving the different market field, have implemented and guided by the QMS.

Also, Quality means innovation in products, focusing on durability and environmental friendliness. Our aim is to supply top quality products and services that genuinely meet our customers' needs, justifying their faith in us as business partners.

Quality, through the eyes of our customers is done with the aide of an on-line, electronic system through which Customer complains can be quickly routed to the appropriate resources for corrective action. Annual customer attitude surveys measuring attitudes regarding Sika's Sales Support, Technical and Customer Service, Product Performance, and Complaint Handling. Results of these measures are examined and acted on to improve the quality of our Customer Satisfaction.

Focus on the Customer, trained and motivated Employees and defined policy and procedures drive the Sika Quality effort.

Our Vision

Sika Philippines will be the leader in the construction and industrial specialty chemicals company in the Philippines through innovative and consistent business solutions to all its stakeholders.

Our Mission

Sika Philippines is a global company which is committed to be the best construction and industrial specialty chemiclas company in the Philippines

To be a source of business excellence, innovative & consistent business solutions to ur end-users, customers and business partners.

To provide a challenging professional growth and great workplace for all our employees.

To be responsible and reliable corporate citizen.